9 Successful Farm Marketing Solutions!

​Whether you are new to the farm business or just looking to revitalize your marketing plans this year, here are the top marketing tips for successful farming!

​​Here Are 9 Effective Farm Marketing Solutions

As farmers, we are passionate about production. We often spend much time thinking about and working on the production piece of the business and less on farm marketing solutions.

As we handle production, we often think that customers come naturally if we build a farm business!

However, most farmers sooner or later realize that gaining new customers and retaining them is the most challenging part of the farm business.

Therefore, considering the rising competition and low prices in every farm commodity, farmers need to cope with these challenges and learn effective marketing skills.

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1. Start with a business plan

A marketing plan is an essential component of any marketing strategy for successful farming because it helps determine your marketing goals and objectives.

It also outlines how you will achieve these goals and what resources you’ll need.

A marketing plan should include the following:

  • Your unique selling proposition (organic, affordable, safe to the environment).
  • Your target audience (demographics). It is important to know who you are marketing to. You need to know your target audience, their want, and the need for your marketing efforts to work effectively.
  • The price point for your product or service (you can’t give something away if you want people to buy)
  • Estimate your budget for marketing
  • Marketing channels that work best for your company’s products/services (e.g., social media vs. print ads)
  • Targeted message(s) about desired customer behavior changes (i.e., your mission statement and tagline)
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2. Build a Brand

Branding helps create an identity of who you are as a company. 

It tells people what sets your company apart from others, which can help get new customers through your door or keep current ones coming back again and again!

Good marketing also creates customer loyalty – marketing can make customers feel like they are part of a community, and marketing is the foundation for everything you do.

You can follow the following steps to get started with building your brand!

  • Create a farm logo defining your mission statement.
  • Develop marketing materials (business cards, catalogs, etc.) to quickly and easily communicate your marketing message quickly and easily.
  • Revamp marketing materials periodically to keep your brand uniform.
  • Work on marketing consistency. This very important marketing tip will positively influence customer loyalty and retention!
  • Remember that marketing must be systematic, or it won’t work as well.

farm marketing solutions-successful farming-how to start a farming business

3. Reach New Customers

Technology has made it easier than ever to reach customers and boost sales.

  • Develop a website that tells your story and the products you provide.
  • Start blogging and improve SEO (search engine optimization) to grow your customer list organically.
  • Create an email list of your loyal customers
  • Send monthly newsletters to customers.
  • Share your stories on social media platforms.
  • Consider joining a farm association to connect with other farmers. Farm associations often offer marketing packages just for being a member.
  • Attend farm-related events (festivals, farmers’ markets, seminars, demonstrations, or open farmhouses).
  • Start Advertising at a small scale (small classified ad) and scale as your revenue increases.

farm marketing solutions-successful farming-how to start a farming business

​​4. Match your demand and supply

It is a common marketing strategy to grow or produce as possible to maximize profits.

However, this approach often leads to low-quality products and unhappy customers, both expensive problems for the company. 

Growth should be based on what has been successful in the past rather than trying new things that might not work out well.

farm marketing solutions-successful farming-how to start a farming business

​​5. Consider Agritourism

Agritourism is on the rise in many rural areas. Visitors want to spend their leisure time enjoying what rural communities have to offer, and agricultural operations are often at the top of their list. 

The marketing potential of agriculture has increased tremendously because people are interested in things that they seldom have the opportunity to experience firsthand. 

Farm visits, farm festivals, and other similar marketing opportunities can generate a lot of revenue for a marketing plan or campaign.

farm marketing solutions-successful farming-how to start a farming business


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6. Good customer service

Good customer service is not about marketing; it’s about providing good products and services to retain existing customers.

Good marketing enhances the experience of a product or service, but marketing can’t make up for bad quality. 

Marketing enhances what you’re already doing; if your product or service is poor, then marketing will be a wasted effort!

If you provide excellent customer service, customers are likely to return because they enjoy being treated well by people who care about them, creating more marketing opportunities through word-of-mouth advertising.

farm marketing solutions-successful farming-how to start a farming business

​​7. Track your success with KPIs for successful farming

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are a type of quantitative measurement that may be used to assess a company’s overall long-term success. 

KPIs help to keep track of all your marketing strategies and identify what worked well and what didn’t. 

For example, suppose you received only a few inquiries from the newspaper advertisement but several new customers at the local farmers market. In that case, you may use that data to decide where to spend your marketing dollars in the future.

8. Seek Professional Help As You Grow

Digital marketing services are a necessary tool in marketing your farm business.

The digital marketing agency can help you with marketing strategies that will be most effective for your company’s needs, taking into account everything from the products you offer to who your target audience is.

Digital marketing may seem overwhelming initially, but it doesn’t have to be if you work with an experienced professional who understands how all of this works together.

A digital marketing agency can develop a strategy for you that includes the following:

Get a free consultation on how to market your farm business more efficiently and profitably with marketing agencies.

This marketing strategy will help you keep track of your marketing efforts, understand what is most effective for marketing your products or services and make ongoing improvements to ensure your marketing dollars are spent effectively!

Make sure the marketing agency you choose has experience with farm businesses.

The company should be able to meet all your expectations regarding customer service, response time, creativity, strategic planning, implementation of strategies, etc.

9. Use Marketing To Your Advantage!

Don’t get discouraged if you have tried marketing but haven’t seen the results you thought you would. Try again with different marketing strategies or channels, and keep track of what works best for your farm business. 

Successful marketing means having great ideas, good timing, patience, and persistence!

farm marketing solutions-successful farming-how to start a farming business.

Marketing is a vital marketing strategy you must consider as you grow your business. Look for marketing opportunities and make the most of them build demand for your products or services.

Remember, marketing will not bring enough customers unless the marketing strategies are based on a good product/service and effectively implemented. 

Customers are likely to return if you provide excellent marketing services because they enjoy being treated well by people who care about them! 

And always remember marketing will only get you so far unless you have a quality product or service!

Quality is the key!!!


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