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You’ll discover content that’s easy to understand, informative, and engaging You’ll also find a team of compassionate professionals who genuinely care about you.
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We cover on a variety of topics, including landscaping, gardening, home improvement, and more.


Learn everything you need to know about hydroponics, from the basics to more advanced techniques.


Learn tips, techniques and strategies for a prosperous farm business along with the most recent updates in the field of agriculture.


Learn how to brand your farm business, create a business plan, and find your target customer.

Our Team

You’ll discover content that’s easy to understand, informative, and engaging You’ll also find a team of compassionate professionals who genuinely care about you.

Sumit Pradhan Ph.D.


Sumit is the founder of agfunnel.com, where he combines his expertise as an agricultural scientist with digital marketing skills to provide valuable information to the public about agriculture, life science, and home & gardening. Utilizing his research background and deep understanding of these fields, Sumit oversees the creation of content and marketing strategies to establish agfunnel.com as an authoritative and reliable source for agricultural and home gardening knowledge.

Sanju Kunwar Ph.D.

General Manager

As a seasoned life scientist and General Manager at agfunnel.com, Sanju leverages her comprehensive research background to guide the team in creating high-quality, fact-based content across various aspects of agriculture, life science, home, and gardening. With a sharp focus on content integrity, she adeptly ensures that the platform consistently delivers valuable insights and expert advice to enrich the lives of its diverse readership.

Ritu Amatya

Outreach Manager

Ritika utilizes her exceptional communication and networking skills to develop strategic partnerships and foster collaboration within the agriculture and home gardening communities. With a keen understanding of digital marketing trends and industry-specific challenges, Ritika's unwavering commitment to innovation drives the platform's mission to engage and educate a global audience on crucial advancements in agriculture, life science, and home & gardening.

Nitendra Shrestha

Finance Manager

As the Finance Manager at agfunnel.com, Nitendra adeptly oversees the company's financial health, ensuring the strategic allocation of resources. Drawing upon his extensive financial management experience, he develops and implements robust budgets, forecasting models, and risk management strategies to propel the platform's success and support its commitment to delivering expert guidance and insights.

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