Getting Out Of The Garden Furniture Replacement Cycle

Developing a lovely garden staging area to entertain guests is a goal of many homeowners. Not only can you experience a great time with those you most appreciate, but you can also enjoy your home more in this way, including the beautiful surroundings you’ve developed and grown over time.

That said, this also means getting over some bad habits you may have fallen into. For many people, the need to replace garden furniture every Spring due to poor maintenance or poor-quality furnishings can be annoying. If you’re tired of replacing garden furniture that has rusted, or peeled, or become structurally unsound, it’s good to consider how to get out of that cycle.

Luckily, with forethought and care, you can prolong the lifespan of such furnishings and benefit as a result. In the long run, we hope some of this following advice can help you:

Selecting Timeless Styles That Just Work

If you find yourself switching in and out of particular garden sets because you get tired of the old aesthetic, it can be select a few timeless styles that you may wish to keep, repair and maintain over the years. For instance, wrought iron furniture can be combined with cushions and will always look good, especially with its intricate or latticed scrollwork. On top of that, you might select certain fixtures like Adirondack chairs, or relatively humble teak furniture that looks its best at all times. With this, you’ll find that the garden furniture you select will work amongst your other garden changes, no matter how you’ve oriented your external property or switched up the staging area.

Investing In Your Preservation Equipment & Tools

It’s good to invest in your preservation tools so that your furniture can last, in its best condition, for quite some time. This might include protective covers like tarpaulin for the winter, cleaning supplies with non-toxic solutions (or perhaps material-specific such as wood cleaners and varnishes), and sandpapers or lubricants to better smoothe the rougher edges. This way, a little elbow grease can make your wonderful pieces of furniture look brand new, which, arguably, will save you a great deal of money over time.

Finding Appropriate Storage

It’s also worthwhile to find appropriate storage for your furnishings. Over the winter or colder months at least, you can place this furniture in an outdoor shed, or a garage, where the frost is likely to sting less. On top of this, if renovating the garden (such as by adding a deck staging area), you’ll have somewhere to place it neatly. Here you can also orient and re-orient around the garden, to make sure not only the furniture sustains itself, but that the grass has a chance to grow after being compressed for some time. In some cases, storage is even more essential, such as by sheltering cooking appliances like expensive grills.

With this advice, you’re sure to get out of the garden furniture replacement cycle, and instead find a high-quality set you can sustain for years to come. There’s no shame in replacing this when the time comes, but at least it will feel like less of a compulsion each summer, which many people report difficulty with.

Written by: AgFunnel

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